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Brinkman Adventures Season 6 {Review}

Audio drama's are one of the best additions to our homeschool that we have had. Our first audio drama was Season 2 from The Brinkman Adventures in 2014 it took one episode to hook us as a family. In fact we so enjoyed listening to the Brinkman adventures we were thrilled to review Season 3 in 2015.

We love listening to audio drama's and books whenever we travel and quite often when we are travelling around locally. We were thrilled to be given a digital copy of Brinkman Adventures Season 6 - Underground Rising to review.

The vision for Brinkman Adventures was birthed in 2009 by Ian Bultman to 'create a missionary radio show that will inspire future missionaries'. He penned the first three episodes and each of his children volunteered as voice actors (there are 9 children in his family). Each of the children's names have been changed in the production but they all play themselves. Over the years the show has grown and incorporates sound effects, foley, music and acting along with voice actors from the Milwaukee area and the rest of the world.

The goal of Brinkman Adventures is to reach people with the incredible life changing stories. Each episode tells a true, modern, missionary story. The aim of the series is changing lives and encouraging young people to become missionaries.

Brinkmand Adventures Season 6 - Underground Rising

Season 6 covers episodes 55 to 60. Each episode is around 25 minutes in length which can be used on short car trips, afternoon rest times for your family or family devotional times. Underground Rising is available for purchase as a physical or digital download. Brinkman Adventures have recently moved to a six episode release structure making this release approximately two hours in duration.

Episodes in Season 6
  • 55 - Dutch Underground Part 1 - Reng and Lynn VanKesteren are Ian Bultman’s (Jack Brinkman’s) grandparents. This episode is based on the true story of their experiences during World War 2. The details of the episode is drawn from Lyn's book: Great is Thy Faithfulness.
  • 56 - Dutch Underground Part 2 - This is part two of Reng's involvement with the Dutch Underground.
  • 57 - Twice Born Fly - This episode is based on a dream of Ian’s that occurred while serving at Alaska Bible Institute in Homer, Alaska. This episode took its name from a true story in Joey's life.
  • 58 - I Wonder Why? - the true story of the Wonder family (some names were changed for security),highlighting the experience of a girl leaving home and accompanying her parents to a foreign country to minister to different people groups, health and healing of hearts and bodies.
  • 59 - Free Burma Rangers Part 1 - This episode is based on the true story of Dave Eubank and his journey from boyhood into a career as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. It especially touched us as we (my husband and I) both grew up in military families during deployment in war zones.
  • 60 - Free Burma Rangers Part 2 - This episode is based upon the events in the life of Dave and Karen Eubank and their family in Burma bringing aid to people within the attack zones and sharing the love of Jesus with the Burmese nationals while working alongside them.

Each story has scripture and prayer in them and real every day life conversations. The family pray together and do bible studies together demonstrating how to apply christian principles in daily living.

Digital episodes may be played on portable devices (phones/tablets) but must first be downloaded onto computer, and then synced with device. (Portable devices are unable to extract zipped files). We burned them to CD's and listened to them in the car on our local journey's. Paul so enjoyed the stories we had to pause Free Burma Rangers and wait till he was in the car with us to continue the story!

The dramatisations are excellent and you feel as though you are actually in the country where the story is taking place. For example in episodes 55 and 56 due to the difficult nature of imitating the Dutch accent, God provided actors in the Netherlands to help portray members of the Dutch Underground from the Dekker family. By God's providence Omie's niece Hieke Hoekstra portrayed her aunt Lyn in the story.

Spoiler Alert! My favourite part about each of the episodes of the Brinkman Adventures are the real stories that each of the episodes are based on.You can find the background stories, photographs, podcasts of interviews with the missionaries, YouTube clips, maps and history for each season under the Real Stories tab (I suggest you listen to each episode before popping over to read more about the real stories, the people and the places.).

The stories have been designed for family or youth group listening.  Some of the stories are quite dramatic and may be a little frightening for younger audiences.  Should an episode be intense or have slightly more mature themes it will start with an introduction with a recommendation that younger children listen to the episode with their parents present.

If you are looking for family safe listening that is encouraging, inspiring and safe to listen to be sure to head on over to Brinkman Adventures and explore the seasons which have been thus far released.  Be warned though, once you start to listen to the Brinkman Family adventures you will not want to stop!

You can connect with the Brinkman Adventures team on Facebook.

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