Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesdays Treasures (Vol 1-3)

Some of my friends have asked me about what to use if they want to start home school and have three year olds.  I have this treasure on my bookshelf and would like to recommend you take a look at it. (My copy is older and has a different colour cover)
Early Education at Home 

What the book contains:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Preschooler: The Key to Success
  • Materials Used in Early Education-and Where to Get Them
  • Skills Checklist for Kindergarten
  • Suggested Home School Schedules
  • Curriculum (lists of suggested activities to teach colors, numbers, letters, and shapes )
  • Weekly Planning Guides
  • 36 weeks of suggested activities, which the parent selects based on the individual needs and interests of the child
  • Bibliography
  • Ideas for Homemade Learning Centers and Games
  • Computers and Young Children
  • Additional Programs for Home Instruction (or what to do after you finish this book)
  • Planning Sheets for Daily and Weekly Use
Additional information
  • Publisher: At Home Publications
  • Pages: 139
  • Cover: Soft spiral bound
  • Publication date: 1992
  • Author: M. Jean Soyke
  • Language: English
  • Age range: 3 - 6 years
  • ISBN: 9780975414200
This book is a complete course of instruction for children ages 3 - 5, using simple, inexpensive materials that can be found in the home. It includes all of the basic concepts (such as letters, colors, numbers, and shapes), as well as areas such as manners, health and safety, and character development. Each weekly planning guide also includes recommended reading lists, field trip ideas, and snack activities. (quoted from the At Home Publications website)
You can purchase this book directly from: At Home Publications , Amazon, or Rainbow Resource Center .

Cathy Duffy heartily recommends this curriculum as “...a happy medium which provides some structure yet is not heavy with time-wasters...one of the few resources that I feel truly meets the home school situation and appropriately addresses the needs of young children.”

 All you need is what you have at home and a library card and you are set for a happy time at home with your pre-schooler



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