Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I will be back :)

Hello My friends

The past two weeks have been rather busy around here.

Last week Sir N and I were both sick and at the Dr's. I am glad to report that we are both well now.

This week has been a very busy one as we have had family move in with us and a few other family happenings.

I am in the process of updating my Sonlight Core and am hoping to place an order with Sonlight with some friends on Friday, so next week we should experience BOX DAY with Sir N!!!

I can't wait I so enjoy the feeling of new books  .....

Our cat is also in hospital and that in itself is providing us with new challenges around here.
So no I have not left my blog forever I will be back.
See you all next week.

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  1. I love new books too! I, strangely enough, smell them. Weird, I know. ;)


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