Monday, 4 April 2016

Organic Mini Mushroom Farm {Review}

 One of the things I've been learning about this year is how to look for more hands on learning to experience with Nathaniel.  I was quite excited to discover a kit to grow Organic Mushrooms from Fluid Growers. I was surprised at how easy they are to grow!

Once the kit was shipped it arrived at our place within 24 hours. It arrived via courier and comes pre-assembled.  There was very little required of us.  The card board box it arrives in is also the container the mushrooms are grown in.  It's a hand box and takes up very little room.  The front has a picture showing you what to expect.  On the back is a perforated section with a recipe on it.  On the side are step by step instructions on how to grow the mushrooms.  The time it takes to grow is dependent on the temperature and humidity in your home.

Once you remove the perforated section on the back the next step is to cut the plastic within this area.
Next you remove the bag and soak it in water to hydrate the growing medium.  I discovered that I needed to clip the plastic back with a paper clip in order to expose the area to the water to hydrate the contents in order to begin the growth process.

Once the contents are well hydrated you re-insert the bag into the cardboard box with the cut plastic on the open side of the box and then place your box where you intend to grow your mushrooms.

Each morning we added two tablespoons of water to the bag and let it soak in before placing the box back on the shelf.  I was shocked two days later when I noticed the baby mushrooms peaking out from the plastic after 48 hours of us beginning the process! It was stunning to see the exponential growth of the mushrooms.  They more than doubled their growth every 24 hours.

Within three days of noticing our mushrooms they were ready for us to harvest!  We were stunned.  We knew mushrooms grew rapidly but hadn't realised it was that rapid.

Once we harvested the mushrooms we fried them in butter and enjoyed a hearty scrambled egg and mushroom breakfast.

 This is one project that you can enjoy with your family from the youngest pre-school student to your high school students.  The best part is that you can consume it at the end of the process!

Purchase your kit online from
This kit is also available for purchase at most of your local organic vegetable shops and outlets.

You can also find the company on social media here
Our whole family enjoyed growing mushrooms from scratch and many of our friends loved coming over to see how the mushrooms were doing.  This is one project we highly recommend as it is family and child friendly and the best part is there is no mess no fuss either!


Thank you to Fluid Growers for supplying this wonderful product to our homeschool we really enjoyed learning about mushrooms with this wonderful easy to use product and hope that many other children will experience the delight of growing their own food with this hands on product.

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  1. Fun! I had no idea they grew that quickly either.


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