Friday, 21 September 2018

Unit Study Round Up

This week over on the Crew blog some of the team are sharing a few ideas on Unit Studies and this got me thinking.  When Nathaniel was younger we did a lot of Unit Study type things together.  So today I would like to share a round up of the Unit Studies that we have done together.

Famous People Unit Studies

Mondrian Inspired Art

Current Event Lead Unit Studies

  • Winter Olympics - this study focused on the 2014 games but a lot of the resources can be used for any winter Olympics.
  • Summer Olympics - Explore the world of Great Britain and the 30th Olympic Games.
  • World Cup Soccer - this study focused on the 2014 FIFA event hosted in Brazil.  These resources cover soccer and Brazil.
  • ANZAC Day - a few resources to explore the heritage of this beautiful day of remembrance.
  • We had some major fire events happen on an annual basis in Australia so felt it important to learn about Fire Safety.

 Poppins Book Nook Unit Studies

A couple of years ago I joined the Poppins Book Nook which hosted a monthly unit study  with FREE downloads and bloggers who shared the resources around that theme that they had found.  This is a great resource if you are wanting specific themed unit studies.

Here are some of the themes we participated in:

Unit Study We Have Reviewed

Here are some Unit Studies we have reviewed over the years.

This post is a part of the the Homeschool Review Crew Unit Studies Round UP be sure to pop on over to find more Unit Studies and help.

Unit Studies - Round Up - Resources and How to Guide {Homeschool Link UP}

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